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This page is a good place to start if you want to learn a little more about me. First of all, welcome to Brken Btnet. Here you will find InfoSec, Privacy, Hacking tricks, OSINT, Hacker news, CVE, Vulnerabilities. This blog will likely security concepts explained in an approachable manner, and much more.

I am an independent security researcher, Linux, open source and privacy enthusiastic. I started my career as just a software developer. In my first experiences with many web frontend and web backend programming languages and technologies, including Hapi.js, Express.js and NodeJS. and development of Ionic, Cordova + native Android & IOS mobile apps. Im interested in applying my skills anywhere where I can. So, Afterwards, I decided to dedicate my career to InfoSec, focusing on penetration testing and security research. My day activities are deep diving into InfoSec, Coffee, Hack, Code, Read, Eat, Sleep && Repeat. Also, in my spare time to participate in bug bounties and perform freelance security research & practice RE and WAS. I play CTFs very often.

I’ll be writing here to share some knowledge. You can also ask me to write about anything you want to know, mail me to brokenbotnet[at]tuta.io, all emails must be encrypted 攻 or I will ignore the email! PGP 0xFF9CB6BB8A0BDB20